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Here are some thematic photo galleries. Have a look around and enjoy. Check back once in a while for new, updated galleries.

Year One Best - part 1
Year One Best - part 2

Favourite photos from Hunkabutta's first year.

World Cup 2002

Some of the celebrations on the street.

911 memorial service - 2002

Candle light memorial service at the US embassy.

Suga Matsuri

A traditional annual festival.

Baby Gallery 1
Baby Gallery 2

Check out my beautiful baby Jack!

Tokyo trains

Stations, trains, and the people on them.

The working man

People doing their jobs.

JavaOne Conference

I spent a few days at the Sun Microsystems JavaOne conference in Yokohama, 2001

Sanata Cruz Boardwalk

I went to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk during my business trip to California.

Blue Martini Summit

A conference in Santa Cruz for Blue Martini Software.

St. Patrick's day

Tokyo's 2001 St. Patrick's day parade.

Tokyo flowers

Sometimes you just have to stop and smell them.