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Welcome to the Japan Vibe:
We're the new and improved MixPizza. We've got maps to every business listed in Japan's English Yellow Pages, a market place to order Japanese goods, and a guide on living in Japan for current residents and for those planning to go.

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Yellow Page Maps

You can search Japan's English language Yellow Pages for directions and maps to over 75,000 shops and businesses.

How to work in a Japanese office
Oct. 12, 2000

It had been three days since I lost the stapler. Mr. Watanabe had recieved that stapler as a present from his now deceased friend and coworker Taro Suzuki. Should I tell him what happened, or should I do it the Japanese way and...

Tokyo's Terrific Temples
Oct. 7, 2000

The Vibe's man in the field Scott Noonan takes you on a tour of the best temples in Tokyo. As always, this Vibe feature comes complete with maps and directions to each location.
Business Directory

Over 400 businesses are members of the Japan Vibe's directory of foreigner friendly shops and services.

10 things to know before you go
Oct. 16, 2000

Ken Sato, our Man-in-Japan, gives us the low down on what you need to know before you make the journey to the land of anime and platform shoes.

The Asian Internet gold rush
Oct. 10, 2000

You may have missed the boat in the U.S., but Asia's Internet boom is happening as we speak. The Vibe's business guru Amanda Merryman digs down to expose the Asian Internet motherload.


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