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Welcome to the world Jack Ichiro Clarke!

Yes, that's right, the little man is finally here - arrived at 7:45 p.m., July 24, 4014 grams (about 8 pounds 13 ounces).

Baby and Mom are doing fine, Dad is still a little shaken up though.

Everything went great, no problems at all. Karen did it 100% natural, no drugs at all -- what a trouper eh? She's pretty tough.

We cut it a bit close though. I came home from work at 3:30 pm after I called home to check on Karen. We left the house at 4:20, arrived at the birth clinic at 5:00 pm, and had the baby at 7:45 pm.

The clinic and staff (all Japanese) are absolutely stellar. Karen and I get to stay there for five days after the birth. Our room is like a Japanese style hotel room; the food's great; the staff very kind and understanding; and they have midwives on staff that are teaching Karen everything from baby-care to breast feeding. To top it all off, 75% of the cost is covered by Japanese National Health insurance -- Japan is certainly a very civilized place.


Thanks to all of you who voted in the baby name survey, we had almost 200 responses. In the end it was neck and neck between 'Dexter' and 'Jack', but I guess that 'Jack' won the day. Don't worry all you Dexter fans though, that name might get a second chance with baby number two.


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Well, the baby finally arrived yesterday and she's big, healthy, and...okay, I'm just kidding Mom -- I said I'd call you when 'the big moment' arrives, didn't I? Stop worrying.

No, no baby yet. Karen and I are still a wild and crazy childless couple -- though being nine months pregnant kind of limits your options, if you know what I mean.

"What's that Honey? Sure we can rent two movies tonight, what the hell, you only live once, right?"


On Saturday Karen and I surprised everyone by showing up at Amanda's going-away party -- see today's pictures.

The choice of venue, a dimly lit, sequestered garden patio restaurant on the grounds of what appeared to be an old, noble family manor, once again demonstrated Amanda's cultured taste. This taste is no doubt a result of the endless hours of refinement afforded by her chosen vocation of full-time 'lady of leisure.'

Amanda is going back to school in the U.S. (Harvard I think -- ooh la la) to continue her graduate studies, and we miss her already. I'm definitely going to try to stay in touch with Amanda because not only is she wonderful company and a fine conversationalist, but because I also have no doubt that she will one day be very rich...

--> --> [Flash to the future: March 23, 2007]

Mike, sweaty from walking, stands in front of Amanda's manor door in downtown Boston. It's raining and he's soaked. Swallowing hard, he raises his hand and rings the buzzer. The door opens slowly, warm light pours out on to the street like butter on a muffin, and far back in the house he can hear Jazz music pulsing gracefully, doo-doo-whan-whan-dooooo. There must be a dinner party going on.

Mike looks up to see who answered the door, and who should it be but none other than Ted Kennedy. He's obviously had one too many after dinner schnapps.

There's an awkward moment. The two men, one a famous Senator, the other a street-wise and hungry computer programmer, lock eyes.

After a moment, Kennedy looks down his nose at Mike and says in that strained Bostonian accent,

"What can I do for you young man?"

"I've come to see Amanda, is she home?" Mike replies in a scrapping, hesitant tone. "I'm her old friend Mike Clarke, from Tokyo, tell her I've come to talk to her about my new business idea, tell her that it'll only take a minute."

"Maybe now's not a good time," Kennedy manages to say in between schnapps burps, scratching his stomach and looking back over his shoulder, "Why don't you try talking to her secretary instead."

"But, I've tried that already," Mike replies, yet more desperation in his voice. "I've tried that already and all that I get is..."

Suddenly, from behind Senator Kennedy, Amanda's voice can be heard, "Ted, who's that at the door?"

"Some bum who says he knows you from Tokyo."

Amanda's face appears over Kenndy's shoulder. She looks down the stoop at Mike, at first she can't place him, and then the penny drops and a sweet smile of recognition waltzes it way across her face.

"Oh yeah, Mark, right?" she says, "How you doing, it's been a long time."

"Oh, great Amanda," Mike blurts back just a little too quickly, "I'm so glad you remember me, I've got so much that I want to talk to you about. I've written this computer program that I think is going to revolutionize the face of business. All I need is a little help, and, well oh gosh Amanda, I'm just so glad you remember me. Remember all the good times we had going out in Tokyo together?"

"Sure I remember you Mark," she says, her eyes narrowing, "I remember you. You were the guy who was always saying such condescending things about me on that website, Hunkabutta, calling me a 'lady of leisure' and crap like that, sure I remember you."


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Big Hunkabutta site news!

The new galleries are finished. Check them out. Most of the pictures are just from my regular daily postings, so some of you old Hunkabutta hands might recognize some of them from way back, however, I did sneak in a few new ones here and there.

Above are a couple of old pictures from the very first gallery reprocessed, and a new picture of a sushi chef.


In other news, the baby's still not here yet, but Karen is feeling early contractions, so, birthage is imminent!


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All I can think about lately is the baby -- the little booties, the tiny futon mat, the mysterious balms and liquids that have accumulated on our shelves in preparation for the little guy's arrival. The doctor says that he or she could come at any time now.

Karen has decided to take up walking in order to speed up the onset of labour. Last night, after I got home from work, we walked around the neighbourhood for more than an hour. We were the only ones on the road. I never realized before how crappy and industrial our neighbourhood really is. Oh well, I guess it's still better than watching T.V. in my parent's basement back in Mississauga, Ontario.

Hopefully the baby is photogenic, because you know he or she is going to be plastered all over hunkabutta once it arrives on the scene.

Wish us luck...